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What's Ahead at the 2021 Modern SaaS Finance Forum


To help SaaS CFOs, Controllers, RevOps, and FP&A scale recurring billing, rev rec, their tech stack, reporting, and forecasting for growth, we are hosting the Modern SaaS Finance Forum virtual event on June 15, 2021.

There are not many community events for SaaS finance leaders so we created this complimentary, one-day event to bring together industry pros, front-line financial leaders and even a mixologist for fun networking opportunities. It will feature talks by SaaS investors and Unicorn peers who will share the top 5 strategies to support high-growth SaaS and subscription businesses. You will also have the opportunity to hear from several sponsors with powerful products that complement the ideal tech stack you need to automate your processes to build a great team.

Here is a look at the sessions:

What is the New Ideal Tech Stack for Finance?

For RevOps and Finance: Creating a frictionless customer experience and producing the reporting to guide decisions and investors are the holy grail for the finance teams at fast-growth SaaS companies.  But what is the right finance stack to put in to create this environment?  Join Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO, and Andrew Dailey, Managing Director at MGI Research, to learn: 

  • What should be on your checklist for creating YOUR ideal SaaS tech stack
  • How do you plan for your billing and revenue scenarios? 
  • How does the technology and process fit together to produce the reporting and forecasting, so you don’t have to rely on spreadsheets?

3 Tips for Building Your Revenue Recognition with Tony Sondhi

For SaaS controllers: For many SaaS controllers, it’s overwhelming to understand how to plan for, document, and implement the needed changes of ASC 606 revenue recognition while also keeping up with a growing business.  The good news is that compliance with ASC 606 also creates an opportunity to put strategic performance obligations in place across key processes in billing and delivering value to your customers. Attend this session to learn three best practices on how to build your revenue recognition. You will have access to renowned revenue recognition expert, Tony Sondhi, a member of the FASB Task Force for ASC 606, and learn from one of your peers, Ashmi Shah, SVP Finance at Talix, who has successfully implemented ASC 606.

  • Everything in reporting revolves around timing, amount, and uncertainty.  How you apply the standard to those 3 factors? 
  • What IS a Performance Obligation? 
  • What is a DISTINCT Performance Obligation?  And how is it different in a recurring revenue model? 

Benchmark Your SaaS Metrics with the COVID-Updated KeyBanc SaaS Survey

For CFOs:  What are the right benchmarks for your SaaS startup fundraising?  Adam Noily, Managing Director of KeyBanc Capital Market’s SaaS practice, will dive into the data from their most recent SaaS Metrics Survey.  KeyBanc has had the largest number of SaaS IPOs since 2011, and based on that experience, will share: 

  • How to choose the Metrics that Measure your MUD (Meaningful Underlying Business Dynamics)
  • How to benchmark Yourself Against a Disrupted 2020
  • How to Strategically Communicate your Story to investors

The Bessemer Venture Partners State of the Cloud for Finance

For CFOs and CEOs:  The demand for cloud and the demands of cloud continue to surge in the post-pandemic world. In this session, Mary D’Onofrio and Janelle Teng of Bessemer Venture Partners will discuss the 2021 State of the Cloud study, focusing on implications for the finance leaders at fast-growth SaaS firms.

  • What are the macro-trends driving growth in the Private Cloud market?
  • What are the top three business models being invested in now?
  • What are the 6 Cs of SaaS Finance, tuned for a post-COVID world? 

5 Strategies for the Financial Reporting Your Investors Want to See

For Controllers and FP&A Nirvana for leading SaaS finance teams is creating fast, insightful, and detailed financial reporting and forecasting that helps the executive team and board make timely, data-driven decisions to scale and win market share.  Join Tracy Shyu Foley, Controller of, Vicki De Roeck, Assistant Controller at Enfusion, and Elliot Goldman, Finance Director at Rapid Ratings, for in-depth, straight-from-the trenches insight covering:

  • How to build the Close Checklist
  • Where time savings really comes from
  • The power of dimensions, and visuals, in your reporting

Reserve your seat today to join over 600 financial leaders for this exclusive event.



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