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Partner Industry Insights with AcctTwo and Gateway Church

Libni Rodriguez is a project manager at Gateway Church, with a background in accounting with the big four. He recently shared with AcctTwo his experience of starting at Gateway about a year ago and two weeks prior to Intacct's go-live date.

AcctTwo: Libni, can you chat with us a little about Gateway Church and what your role entails?

LR: Of course! Gateway Church has an average weekly attendance of 30,000 members. We have about 42,000 active members and that come through six campuses and an average web stream of 12,000 viewers of our weekly services.

Gateway as a church provides a great service to attendees, but there is great support required on the backend to make sure that our weekly services and our other programs are carried out as needed.

As a project manager for Gateway, I support our financial leadership and our business administration in multiple roles. However, Intacct has been the number one priority since going live. We're constantly in Intacct and always trying to see or find ways of how we can do things better.

AcctTwo: What has your initial impression of Intacct been?

LR: One thing I love about Intacct is the flexibility that it offers me as an end-user, not necessarily as a designer or as a software engineer but rather a simple user. There is so much flexibility and options I have to modify the system to our needs. In that sense, my job works around providing specific formatting, providing specific directions, assisting our users how to benefit from the system, and also working the change management from our previous software to Intacct.

AcctTwo: You’ve been live for a year now; is there anything about using Intacct that has stuck out to you?

LR: Yes! On our way to a conference, right before boarding the plane, we received an email from one of our users where we needed to make some changes in the system. In the past, I would have to go ahead and unload a laptop to make changes. However, I was able to log in on my cell phone and make the changes right there. That shows really how flexible the tool is and it doesn't matter where you are.

AcctTwo: That’s great to hear! Are there any other benefits that you’ve seen that you would like to share?

LR: Given the size of Gateway Church we have a number of departments. One of the ways we benefit from Intacct – given the size of our church – is the different dimensions…dimensions as locations, dimensions as funds and projects... We're utilizing those in order to better capture expenses coming in and better budget the different events for the Gateway Church as an organization.

AcctTwo: And how has working with AcctTwo been?

LR: Our experience with your organization has been absolutely excellent; my experience with the project manager and also the support team has been tremendous. Even after go-live, anytime we submit a request or a ticket, an idea, we don't get a canned response; we get precise action. AcctTwo really goes the extra mile in order to provide us an answer.

So it's been a great experience and our number one suggestion with people about going with Intacct: Intacct is great, but if you get AcctTwo and Intacct it's even better!

AcctTwo understands the needs of a church. It’s phenomenal when we can rely on such expertise, someone that understands not only the financial side but also the challenges that faith-based organizations present or go through. It's a win-win for us.

AcctTwo: That’s wonderful! Is there anything else you would like to add?

LR: One of the things we've seen recently is how other faith-based organizations - churches - are reaching out to Gateway to get input about what systems are we using. One of the benefits that we have also seen is how flexible it is in compared to our previous systems. We don't have to tell them – this isn’t a marketing campaign or a sales pitch – but more of a testimonial. We’re excited to share the benefits that Intacct offers: reporting, very strong data mining capability, flexible data entry, dashboards, and how we can share that across the church leadership. So it's been a great tool and it gives us an edge when we have individuals reaching out and asking us and we can tell them, “Here's a great product,” and how delighted we are with the software.

To learn more about AcctTwo, please visit their website.

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