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Part 1 - The Future of AI in the Office: Three Reasons why C-3PO Isn't Going to Steal Your Job

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It’s of the earlier times that gave birth to grand technology ideas without limits – a technological renaissance, if you will.

But what is it all about? Scientists from Stanford University published a paper that gave a close to perfect description of the state of AI in 2016 called “One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100)”. They, like others, acknowledge that AI researchers are not driven by a definition, but rather by direction. In my translation, it means a combination of drive and purpose.

They also acknowledge that it’s very difficult to absolutely define AI. It turns out that AI is actually a set of sub-categories that are grouped into seven groups. This makes sense because the world we live in is comprised of complex systems that are multi-dimensional and always at odds with one another.  Take, for example, a human being. There are 11 major organ systems and five mental systems that we utilize on a daily basis and all of those systems work together to cope with other systems such as gravity, weather, and other threats to our survival.

This becomes Reason #1 why you will not be replaced by a robot in the future of accounting. AI is still in its’ infancy of evolution when compared to the number of years it has taken for humans to evolve. They can’t do everything!

Right now, someone is probably saying to themselves:  What? Now wait a minute. When do we get to the part about the robots? The future is all about the robots and how they are going to take over!” After much consideration, I can I completely understand where this is coming from. For most of us, the future equation has always been:  Future = funky clothes + lasers + spaceships + robots.

It’s the tired equation in popular culture that when fantasizing either within one’s innermost thoughts, or amongst colleagues over cocktails, that inevitably surfaces. It’s the T-800 (The Terminator) vs.  Baymax (Big Hero 6); and then what would happen if you combined them. Most of the time, futuristic conversations exciting and encouraging. But when it comes to jobs they can inspire fear as well… The fear that there will come a day when AI will eliminate the need for human intervention, creation, and conceptual ideas. The good news, is that this ideology is false.

Check back for next week’s blog where I discuss why.

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