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Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey Reveals Positive Signs for Nonprofits

2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey Infographic

The past year has been challenging for nonprofit organizations, yet after intentional adaptations, the future looks very promising. That’s the story told by the data within the 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey, sponsored by Sage Intacct.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, nonprofit organizations faced a tough environment last year, with many unique challenges around the pandemic. Many dealt with disruptions to programs and declining revenue. In order to pivot and adapt, organizations adjusted their programs and changed communication strategies to increase donor engagement. As a result, nearly one third of the 520 nonprofit finance leaders we surveyed expect a significant increase (25% to 50%) in revenue this year and nearly half experienced innovations they would not have realized otherwise. Nonprofit finance leaders agree that access to rapid, trusted financial insight has never been more important.

Download the complete 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report

2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey Infographic

This infographic gives you a summary of the key findings of the research report. The full report provides additional valuable insight into how nonprofits are currently operating and what they are projecting for the coming 12 months. Get the full report, download your complimentary copy of the 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report.



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