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Meet the Sage Intacct Sales Team

It’s been awhile since our blog readers have gotten an inside look at our Sage Intacct Sales team. Today I got to interview Brandon Kissinger, Sales Development Manager and Wanda Panksy, Senior Director of Sales Development.

For anyone considering a sales role within Sage Intacct or looking for more info on our organization, this blog is a must read!

Brittany Benson: It’s great to be here with you guys today! Wanda, you’ve led the sales team for a really long time. Can you share what your mentality and goals are for great leadership?

Wanda: I always challenge myself and my team with the question, “Am I growing in the position that I have?” And I evaluate how I can keep each individual on my team growing. When an employee is succeeding internally on their own, it spills out onto the floor, and in turn, it affects the whole team.

That's when Sage Intacct identifies you as a multiplier and wants to promote you so you can impact more people.

Brittany: What are your thoughts on the company culture in general and also within the sales team, Brandon?

Brandon: I think Sage Intacct moves away from this buzz word of “corporate culture” meaning flip flops, t-shirts, and happy hours. People know that the Silicon Valley historically is a great place to work.

But, I think what is more impactful, culture-wise, is someone showing up on their first day and feeling like, "Holy cow, this company is really going to invest in my future.” To me, THAT is corporate culture.

Wanda: Absolutely. We’ve collectively spent a lot of time trying to quantify success. And we can sit around in the room and say, "Well, we think it’d be great if they made all these calls to reach this number.”

But the truth is, before we tell them that this is a great idea – whether that be a contest, prospect, or even their quarterly goals – let's ask them what their version of what success is first.

We're constantly looking for that answer from our sales team and matching that to Sage Intacct’s goals.

Brittany: It seems that Intact cares so much about the SDR’s from the ground up, that the managers are constantly trying to have their ear to the ground as to not just having their own measures for success, but also figuring out what each individual would look at as being successful, and then working together to make that happen.

Wanda: Absolutely. That’s real personal growth; and with this mentality, I think all three of us have seen even new employees become true leaders in a very short amount of time.

We put the structure in place but then empower them to work autonomously and make sure that they are set up for success from day one. It’s a well-oiled, carefully thought out machine.

Brittany: What are some fun things that the sales team participates in?

Brandon: We just started our first ever Sage Intacct Book Club! We have amazing discussions about the books, but also about personal growth as well. The sales team jumps at the opportunity to participate in the many volunteer opportunities that Sage Intacct offers, and we often meet up outside of work to relax, play sports, and get a bite to eat. We’re co-workers and professionals, but also friends.

Brittany: Very cool. And can you chat a little about ways Sage Intacct takes care of the sales team?

Wanda: We recently sent three people to the TOPO conference in San Francisco which is a massive perk. Most companies don’t offer that to SDR’s, but we felt it was important. Sales managers often get to go to conferences and events for professional development, but rarely SDR’s; that’s not the case at Sage Intacct.

Brittany: What do you feel like is the best opportunity that comes with working at Sage Intacct?

Wanda: What I tell our potential SDR employees is that there is only one thing that will cause us to lose the market and that's us. We have everything stacked in our favor. It's all about the people, the customers. Here, we will teach you how to be better than anyone in the marketplace. It's an enterprise opportunity. You will be absolutely prepared to do anything after working here.

Brittany: It also seems like Sage Intacct promotes from within. Have your teams experienced that?

Wanda: Absolutely. Many people that started out as SDR’s are now well recognized in the company as our in-house experts and the thought leaders.

We help give you the fundamentals, but you have to put in the work to learn those fundamentals; but that you won't be overlooked.

Brittany: I love it; that is so empowering. Can you guys tell me why Sage Intacct is a great fit for people regardless of their age, where they are in their career, and what their sales background is? And why do people stay at Sage Intacct for such a long time?

Brandon: Sure. The reality is that Sage Intacct is a very diverse workplace, made up of all kinds of people, each with their own circumstances. We have parents, recent college grads, people of all different ages, backgrounds, interests, and diversities. It’s pretty wonderful.

Brittany: Sage Intacct also offers the sales team some phenomenal training opportunities as well, correct?

Brandon:  Yes, every member of the sales team has access to John Barrows, Barry Rhein, Funnel Clarity, and then we have an internal training opportunities as well. We encourage them to participate in all of it.

I've worked at a number of large organizations, as has Wanda. It's typically only when you're working at companies that have a few thousand people or more that you have this level of training.

We're a lean, mean, and effective machine when it comes to educating and empowering our employees.

Brittany: And those candidates are selected very carefully though as well. What are the things you look for when you’re in an interview?

Brandon: I gauge their curiosity and eagerness to learn; their candidness and whether they seem like they can set and also exceed expectations.

Wanda: I look for people who are very effective at communicating, are disciplined in the goals that they set, and geared towards execution and aspirational exercises. The winning mentality that we find in those type of people is they all have those components as their core DNA.

And we can see that in the volunteer work that they've done, the internships that they've chosen, the school experiences that they chose to have, the sports that they played, and the types of books that they read. They're all very, very, very focused and again, it comes back to that curiosity.

Brandon: Exactly. People who are hungry, smart, and have grit – they’ll do well here. In turn, candidates we would not be interested in moving forward with are those who come in with an ego and are not team-oriented. We’re competitive individuals, but at the end of the day, we work as a team and value everyone that contributes to that mentality.

Brittany: Brandon, what is something unique you’ve experienced at Sage Intacct?

Brandon: I've worked for a few companies, I've never seen this…I've never seen a CEO mentor SDR’s. I've never seen a VP of sales mentor SDR’s on a regular basis. For a company our size, it's insane.

Sure, with a startup of 12 people with the CEO sitting right there in flip flops; But when you're a company the size of Sage Intacct and you can still book a one-on-one with the CEO to meet and talk about your career progression …that's SO unique and one of the things I'm the most proud of about Sage Intacct.

Interested in joining this phenomenal organization? We’re hiring! Check out all our open positions here.

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