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Meet the Sage Intacct HR Team

It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced our blog readers to another Sage Intacct team – but that changes today! I recently interviewed Randy Tanaka and Carmen Cooper from our HR team.

Carmen is Sage Intacct’s Director of People Operations and has been at Sage Intacct for over 10 years! Randy is our Recruiting Manager and has been responsible for leading recruiting for Sage Intacct over the past nine years!

They filled me in on the exciting things happening in HR, what they look for in the ideal candidate, and a few interview no-no’s. It’s a must read!

Brittany Benson: Can you tell me a little bit about the recruiting world at Sage Intacct lately, Randy?

Randy Tanaka: Of course! We’ve been really busy which is a great thing. Earlier this year, Sage Intacct partnered with Path Forward, a non-profit agency which is dedicated to helping experienced professionals reentering to the workforce after taking at least a two-year gap in their career for caregiving.

The program offers full-time, 16-week returnship programs for experienced professionals returning to the workforce.  It’s similar to internships but instead of college students with no experience, returnships require candidates to have a minimum of five years of professional work experience with minimum of a two year gap. When we asked the Sage Intacct executive team for their buy-in, we were met with unwavering support.

For our first time participating in the program, we were able to identify seven returnees to join Sage Intacct.  Out of all the participating companies in the Bay Area, Sage Intacct has the highest number of returnships offered. 

What’s so great about the program is that we were able to give a candidate with a 18-year career break to raise her children an opportunity to re-enter into the workforce through this program.  We were fortunate to be able to place returnees in our support, customer success, engineering, business operations, and recruiting teams. 

Path Forward and Sage Intacct were thrilled and ecstatic with how successful the program went the first time around that Sage Intacct will be participating again in the very near future. 

We are also continuing to grow rapidly so the recruiting team has more doubled and we will be hiring aggressively over the next year to accelerate our growth even faster! 

Brittany Benson: That’s fantastic! And Carmen, can you share a little bit about what’s been going on in HR?

Carmen Cooper: Absolutely. Since the last HR blog you wrote we’ve grown over 50 percent! It’s an exciting time to be here.

With the continued success of the company, we are in the process of building out another floor in the building to accommodate the growth. 

We can’t hire fast enough – in the U.S we have over 40 job openings, a dozen in India, and a handful in Romania.

There are a lot of initiatives that are being rolled out to support the organization’s growth.  One area that we rolled out this year was in employee learning and development.  We are committed to ensuring that our employees have the right tools in place to continue to develop and be successful.  There will be an increased number of training classes and we are just rolled out Lynda to all our employees. 

In addition, we are making a lot of process improvements across the organization as we scale for growth and the HR team has been an integral part in supporting these initiatives. 

Brittany Benson: Can you tell our readers a little bit about our international offices in Romania and India?

Carmen Cooper: We've got brand new offices both in Romania and India, due to the growth of the company.

Both of them are expanding and still growing quite significantly. India now hosts close to 70 Sage Intacct employees and Romania has over 40 employees. Both offices are expanding quite rapidly in addition to the U.S.

And Aaron is very hands on with the Romania engineering team – they're not off on their own like the at some other companies with remote offices. He is very hands on with his entire team.

Brittany Benson: And Sage Intacct has won a number of awards lately too!

Carmen Cooper: Yes!  We have been able to continue to build a phenomenal company culture where people truly love working here.  This year we were named a Top Workplace in the Bay Area for the 7th consecutive year by the Bay Area News Group, Best Place to Work in the Bay Area by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Healthiest Employers in the Bay Area, and for the 4th consecutive year a Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, and the year isn’t even over yet!

One award that we received that I am especially proud of is that three Sage Intacct women were recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as Women of Influence.  It was the first time in the Business Journal's history that three people from one company have been named to the list in the same year!

It is such a privilege to work with amazing people!

Brittany Benson: And did I see an email about Sage Intacct hiring an Employee Happiness Specialist?

Randy Tanaka: That’s right! With the growth of the company and the growing needs of our employee base, it made sense for us to hire a person onto the team that could be dedicated to making sure that everyone at the office has what they need.

Brittany Benson: And you guys also run a TON of events throughout the year as well.

Carmen Cooper: Yes. We’ve always done monthly birthday parties, celebrations around each holiday, the summer picnics, and holiday events. We’re also very encouraging about volunteering – during work hours - at places like Habitat for Humanity, Operation Gratitude, Second Harvest Food Drive, Family Giving Tree, and Fishes and Loaves.

Brittany Benson: Can you share a little bit about what you look for when you’re interviewing someone, Randy?

Randy Tanaka: Beyond the basics of relevant skills, experience and culture fit, the number one thing that we look for are people who are customer-centric.  We are always making the right decisions with the customer in mind so it’s important to hire people who think of the customer first and want to do the right them for them.  When you bring people with this mindset together, it fosters a collaborative environment and people want to make an impact. 

Second, we like to hire people who are naturally curious.  Those people are more likely to challenge the status quo, bring fresh and innovative ideas, and elevate our organization. 

People that we don't want to hire are people who all about themselves, have their own agenda, or who only care about themselves.

Brittany Benson: What does career progression look at Sage Intacct? I’ve been here for over three years and it seems like this is a great place to grow and there's so much opportunity.

Carmen Cooper: Excellent question. We absolutely try to push people along their desired career paths and try to provide the opportunity for growth; we encourage it, and a good percentage of recruiting that we do are actually backfills for promotions. Since January of this year alone, we’ve had about 35 transfers and promotions within the company.

People stay at Sage Intacct for a LONG time, which is awesome. We do a fantastic job at retention and I think this comes down to the culture and what we provide employees: the opportunity to make an impact, work in a very collaborative environment, and at a place that's hiring the right people.

We have great leadership from top down and people stay here for a ridiculously long amount of time, which is unheard of in the Valley. But we do a phenomenal job of providing employees with meaningful work.

Brittany Benson: That’s fantastic! And can you chat about the diversity of the company and how that's important to our culture?

Randy Tanaka: I think by nature of Silicon Valley, we have an extremely diverse population which results in a diverse pool for all positions.

Brittany Benson: I couldn’t agree more. I think Sage Intacct has done a phenomenal job of identifying talent that makes our entire employee base incredibly and wonderfully unique. It’s one of the things that makes me most proud to work here.

Interested in joining this phenomenal organization? We’re hiring! Check out all our open positions here.

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