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Komet Sales on Outgrowing QuickBooks

Have you considered getting a greater ROI out of your financial software? QuickBooks may be cheap, but that low price may be causing you to miss out on bigger overall savings.

As the CEO of Komet Sales, a software company, Alejandro Pérez knew that automation in finance would bring a rapid ROI in his business. I interviewed Alejandro in a live webinar, now available on demand, about what life was like on QuickBooks and how things have changed since moving to Sage Intacct. Komet Sales is a specialized software-as-a-service provider for flower growers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. As both a subscription service that also works on projects for customers, they needed both automation around billing as well as visibility into each customer relationship.

From the outset, Alejandro knew that a tight integration with Salesforce would be essential to his automation plans. They needed to see across the customer lifecycle and be able to track opportunities all the way to billing. The Sage Intacct native integration with Salesforce offered workflows his team needed to eliminate data re-entry and create visibility between the front and back offices.

QuickBooks lack of automation in billing was creating a growing mountain of manual work for the finance team. With so many manual touches in the billing processes, inaccurate billing was a huge concern, not to mention the impact a slow process had on cashflow. Komet Sales was able to save 100 hours per month by automating processes. This time savings allows the finance team to focus on higher value work that helps grow the company.

One area of greater focus has been creating visibility into the company through reports and dashboards. They’re now able to create custom reports, as well as customize financial reports to quickly get at the metrics that matter most in their business—eliminating the need to export to Excel. Through dimensional reporting, they can filter and break out information by departments, locations, customer, product, and so on. They also create greater visibility into their decision-making process by using Collaborate. A messaging tool that stores conversation right inside the system of record. They are now able to discuss an invoice or journal entry and store the messaged conversation on the document, so if they come back months later, they can see the context for the decision they made.

On the visibility front, Alejandro also spoke at length about how dashboards have changed the way they do business. He’s able to create role-based dashboards for various people in the company that allow them to have information at their fingertips. It’s changed everything from his top-down view of how the company’s doing to making in-the-moment decisions when talking to customers.

Find out for yourself

This interview included answers to questions from viewers around how to increase visibility to better inform company decisions and replace unscalable manual processes like payment processing.

Talking to Sage Intacct customers helps me remember why, year after year, Sage Intacct continues to be #1 in Customer Satisfaction on G2 crowd. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the webinar and see if it’s time for your business to graduate from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct.



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