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Intacct Was The Right Choice...Again!

For the past three years, I’ve been an Intacct administrator at Dude Solutions, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations management solutions to education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and membership-based organizations.  I’ve worked on anything and everything, from new entity set-ups and Salesforce custom mapping to general ledger and custom reporting.  Dude Solutions has been an Intacct customer since 2005, predating me.

Based on the growth and changes the company has experienced over the past few years, the finance team at Dude Solutions decided to enhance our accounting system to accommodate new requirements.  Since the finance team hadn’t evaluated options since we implemented Intacct in 2005, we decided to demo both NetSuite and Intacct to compare both the systems and features and decide what would work best with our ever-changing business.

Our decision

After the demonstrations, it was clear that we needed to stay with Intacct and simply enhance the system to better accommodate our business. Intacct offers best-in-class revenue recognition, and the Intacct team already knew our business and could easily implement our new requirements (after all, we’ve been a customer of Intacct for 11 years!).

After a few internal discussions, we decided to move from a distributed to a shared environment with dimensional reporting to track P&Ls against verticals and product offerings. We also needed to completely revamp our chart of accounts and translate historical data to the new accounts. We contacted our account manager and got started with our new Intacct implementation.

The Customer for Life program ensures we have a trusted advisor who partners with our finance team to ensure success and the relationship with our dedicated account manager has made a huge difference.

Our strategy

We have a great project manager and implementation team from Intacct. They have kept us on track with our tasks and have scheduled recurring meetings to discuss action items and next steps.  They’ve also helped us involve other internal system administrators from integrated systems in the project.

For example, our Intacct implementation team has worked closely with our Salesforce administrator to make sure all order entry related objects will continue to sync with the new environment. Being proactive with your integrated systems will prevent any rework post go-live when you realize your systems aren’t talking to each other properly anymore.

I’ve also involved our Intacct account manager when we’ve decided to change major business processes so that he can provide insight and recommendations on how we can better utilize the system with those changes.  For example, we decided to move to milestone billing for our client implementations, and he recommended that we add the project accounting module. Our team is looking forward to the ease of billing with this add-on.

My journey

During this re-implementation project I became very interested in doing this type of work myself. Fortunately, I received an opportunity from an Intacct Value Added Reseller (VAR), Wiplfli LLP|Brittenford Systems, and will be transitioning into an Intacct implementation consulting role. While I’m sad to leave Dude Solutions behind, I’m looking forward to the new opportunity to help other clients see the value in Intacct and its partnerships with other vendors and consultants.  I’m very excited to move from an Intacct customer to a partner, and believe I will have a lot to offer with my experience.

Though I may not be a customer anymore, I’m always happy to discuss my experience. Please feel free to contact me at any time, as I’m still part of the Intacct Community!

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