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Industry Insights: The Mission Continues


Lisa Briggs works for The Mission Continues, a veteran’s organization that helps post-9/11 veteran’s transition back to service in their communities at other not-for-profits. Lisa recently shared with Intacct more about their incredible organization, why they transitioned to Intacct, and how working with Intacct partner, JMT, has been so beneficial for them.

Intacct: Lisa, please tell us a little bit more about The Mission Continues…

LB: The Mission Continues is a veterans organization that was founded by a former Navy Seal. He went to visit troops that were injured in Iraq when they were in the hospital and asked them what they wanted to do when they got out of the hospital. And overwhelmingly they wanted to continue service, but due to their injuries they would not be able to continue military service so he founded The Mission Continues and developed the fellowship program.

We also have service platoons around the country in inner cities that do service projects with other not-for-profits and schools to help improve the community and to inspire young people to a life of service to their communities.

Intacct: Can you share why The Mission Continues decided to transition off Quickbooks?

LB: We were a growing and developing organization and as we were expanding our programs, QuickBooks wasn't meeting our needs for financial reporting and visibility to all of our managers around the country.

The reporting was very delayed and so managers wouldn't know until like the end of the following month where they were the prior month. With Intacct, we're able to see almost live financials, and they can login and look at that information themselves and not have to wait for me to respond to an email.

Intacct: How did The Mission Continues go about selecting Intacct and JMT?

LB: When we started looking for a new accounting system, I did research online and consulted our auditors and they gave us a couple different options and they introduced us to a salesperson from JMT Consulting who gave us a demo, which was wonderful.

I considered a couple different financial packages; at first I leaned towards ones I had worked with in the past. But I realized those were server-based and we didn't have the capacity for a server and the cost also wasn't feasible for us. I started really looking at Intacct and some of the other cloud-based solutions yet Intacct kept coming to the top. Besides a former colleague recommending it, Intacct was also the top choice by the AICPA.

The former colleague I knew also had recently switched to Intacct with JMT Consulting and highly recommended Intacct and JMT Consulting for the easy implementation process.

Intacct: Can you talk a little about what the implementation process was like?

LB: The challenges with implementing a new system were trying to still keep the old system running to finish out the fiscal year and also get everyone trained at the same time. So there were some time constraints, but JMT's consultants made that very easy for us.

JMT has been a great benefit to the implementation process and even the ongoing processes. If I have an issue I can email them and they get back to me within an hour or less and they've helped me with report writing issues that I wasn't quite certain about.

Intacct: What are some of the initial benefits your organization has seen?

LB: Intacct has helped us really to streamline our processes, especially with our accounts payable. With so many veterans in our program requiring monthly payments we're able to do those ACHs automatically and just export directly to our bank for payments to our veterans. It's allowed us not to have to add additional accounting staff to process those payments. It's helped us with our month-end close process to get month-end close done in a more timely manner, and to have the reports available in the cloud for the managers.

Intacct: That’s great to hear. Is there anything else you would like to add?

LB: I would highly recommend JMT Consulting to other not-for-profit organizations that are considering an implementation of a new accounting system. They have been wonderful!

To learn more, please visit the JMT Consulting website. To view the full video interview with the Mission Continues, click here.

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