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GeoTechnologies Saves 15 Hours Monthly with Sage Intacct

GeoTechnologies, Inc. is a full service provider of geotechnical engineering, special inspections, and construction materials testing. GeoTechnologies, Inc is committed to providing their clients with technical experience and personal attention to complete their projects in a sensible, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Prior to switching to Sage Intacct, GeoTechnologies was using Great Plains as their accounting software package. Debora Hester, business manager for GeoTechnologies, found that Great Plains was a challenge as far as reporting on both a project and client level. It required exporting significant amounts of data to Excel multiple times, then merging the data together. This quickly became a very cumbersome, frustrating task and the finance team realized they needed to make a switch.

“Some of the challenges that we had with Microsoft Great Plains were on the reporting side,” Hester recalls. “It was very hard to get our revenue reported by projects and GeoTechnologies is very heavy into projects, that's what we do. We need to get our revenue reports to our executive team on a project level and Great Plains just wasn't able to do that for us without exporting information to Excel and spending a lot of time manipulating the data. We really had outgrown that product and needed a different solution. I didn't feel confident that I was actually getting the information that I really needed.”

GeoTechnologies had worked with Massey Consulting for over 15 years. Hester remembers, “When Philip Massey approached me about Sage Intacct, I was excited to see it because I knew that Philip understood our business well and what we needed. We had been on Great Plains so long, it was a comfort thing. You don't even realize sometimes how much extra work you're doing until somebody actually brings a different solution to you.”

The fact that Sage Intacct is a cloud-based application was also a significant selling point for GeoTechnologies. “Our team of engineers and executives like being able to access the data anytime, anywhere, and not having to come into the office to access the information,” Hester says. “The Sage Intacct team is also very receptive to ideas and is genuinely interested in what our business does and how they can help us. They really take that information and help to improve the Sage Intacct solution.”

GeoTechnologies decided to move all of their technology, including their entire IT portfolio, to the cloud once the employees realized what a time savings it was to be able to access that data anytime they wanted to. In the end, GeoTechnologies found that this switch saved them an enormous amount of resources.

“With Great Plains, it was very time consuming to do all the reporting. With Sage Intacct, we likely save about 15 hours a month on the reporting process,” Hester notes. “No more downloading data into Excel, manipulating it for hours, and not even knowing if you're getting the right information when you’re done. As a result of implementing Sage Intacct, our reporting processes are much easier. Our project managers can look at data in real time now instead of waiting for me to export all that information out of Great Plains like I did before.”

Now, GeoTechnologies has a dashboard made for each individual project manager. With Sage Intacct, they can not only look at their project information and see that they're on track, but also keep up with the overall health of the company by viewing their financial dashboards at the click of a button.

Hester also found that monthly close was a very time-consuming process with Microsoft Great Plains. After the initial close, she would have to export all the data out, which took four or five hours, then Hester would have to massage the reports. “Since going live with Sage Intacct, we have a much smoother close and a better reporting process. Now I’m able to bring even more value to the managers and executives of the company.”

For more information on how Sage Intacct has impacted GeoTechnologies, be sure to check out their case study and video.

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