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Finance Productivity Soars 40% at a Texas Boys & Girls Club

For nonprofit organizations, tracking and reporting on restricted grants — those that a donor specifies for a particular purpose — can be especially tedious and time-consuming if using outdated accounting software and spreadsheets.

That was the case at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County, which serves about 23,000 youth in the Fort Worth and Arlington areas of Texas with a range of programs geared to help youngsters mature into healthy, productive, caring, and responsible adults.

Robert Ehret, CFO at the Boys & Girls Clubs, says that tracking restricted funds was a “nightmare" that required painful extraction of transactional details from spreadsheets. That changed when the club upgraded to Sage Intacct from Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel, as outlined in our new customer success story.

“One of my favorite things about Sage Intacct is how we can track and report on restricted grants very easily and instantaneously with up-to-the-minute information," Ehret said. "It’s as if Sage Intacct was designed specifically for nonprofit accounting.”

Financial Efficiency Up 50% to 60%

Streamlined management of restricted funds is just one of the many benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs has realized since adopting Sage Intacct in 2016:

  • Finance team productivity is up 40%
  • Financial efficiency has increased by 50% to 60%
  • The club avoided the cost of two FTEs in accounting otherwise needed
  • Monthly board reports that took an hour to complete are complete in minutes

Plus, Sage Intacct provided simplicity and scalability when the Greater Tarrant County organization was created in 2018 in a merger of formerly separate Boys & Girls clubs in Fort Worth and Arlington (which was running QuickBooks). Ehret, originally with the Fort Worth club, said there was no question which accounting solution the new organization would use.

"It was fairly simple with Sage Intacct to nearly double our grant- and location-based cost centers to about 30 through the merger and be up and running with them almost immediately,” Ehret said. "It would have been a nightmare with Microsoft Dynamics GP because we would have had to set up a separate chart of accounts for each cost center.”

The merger brought new work for the accounting team, but the Boys & Girls Clubs has maintained a lean four-person accounting team. Without Sage Intacct, Ehret estimates he’d need at least an additional two additional full-time staffers.

Informed Decisions, More Social Impact

With greater finance efficiency and productivity, Ehret’s team is able to produce more timely, in-depth reports that help leaders better manage a $12 million annual budget across 27 locations and after-school and summer programs focused on focused on education, character and leadership, drug prevention, and gang intervention.

“We’re able to produce better reports with more information faster with Sage Intacct," Ehret said. “The ability slice and dice data with dimensions is extremely useful."

Ultimately, Sage Intacct is helping the Boys & Girls Clubs heighten its impact among youth of Greater Tarrant County.

“The more efficiently we can allocate and track costs, the more bang for the buck we can get. That equates to more youth served,” Ehret said.

Read our new customer success story to learn more about how the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County has benefited through its use of Sage Intacct.

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