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Digital Transformation Redefines Insurance & Financial Services

The USD 5 Trillion global insurance market is going through a massive digital transformation that is redefining customer engagement, processes, and business models.

Are you an insurance company, or a financial services firm, taking advantage of these technology innovations to deliver more? More financial insights in real time? More data-based decision-making? More efficiency with continuous consolidations that take just minutes versus weeks?

The digital age is bringing definitive change. Are you ready?

Real Customers, Real Business Benefits

Hear from leading-edge insurance and financial services organizations that are taking advantage of proven cloud financial management technologies in order to maximize the ability to use real-time data, smart automation, advanced analytics, and scale across multi-entities, seamlessly.

More Strategic, Versus Tactical

“We have completely transformed our finance team since partnering with Sage Intacct. We now focus 75% of our time on strategic initiatives versus tactical activities, have reduced budget reporting time from three months to one week, and have streamlined operational processes by as much as 20%, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.” – Freddie Daniels, Director of Accounting, Appalachian Underwriters, Inc. View the infographic.

Rich Reporting in Real Time

“Rather than trying to dissect detailed transaction listings when we need to view our underlying data in a specific way, Sage Intacct lets us filter, organize, and report information in whatever format is relevant to our principal, subsidiary CEOs, or even investing partners—whether that be detailed operational insights or higher level comparisons of investment projects across entities.” – Will Stewart, Corporate Controller, MidCap Credit & Capital. Read their story.

Robust Integrations Across Business Systems

“Sage Intacct brings us tremendous reporting and dashboard flexibility”…(and its)…”robust APIs allow us to speed processes and ensure data accuracy by linking directly to our other business systems, even proprietary ones.” -- Kristy Facchini, Chief Financial Officer at Auto Claims Direct. Read their story.

Scale Seamlessly as Your Business Grows

"We’re a very dynamic firm with many moving parts, including a major acquisition or divesture every year or so. In this environment of both organic and inorganic growth, it’s crucial to have a financial management system that can adapt to our changes simply and easily. Sage Intacct lets us onboard clients, assets under management, and entire new entities without IT support, providing a flexible foundation with which to grow the business." - Kyle O'Connor, VP of Finance & Accounting, Brookfield Public Securities. Read their story.

Momentum is building in the insurance and financial services sector. And here, at Sage Intacct, we are excited about being able to contribute to these successes.

If you are a finance leader who is challenged with:

  • Working with multiple instances of QuickBooks to manage your multi-entities
  • Taking weeks to close and consolidate the books every month/quarter
  • No real-time visibility into your key financial data
  • No clearly defined audit trail to manage compliance requirements

You likely have outgrown your accounting system. Don’t get left behind.

Today’s successful finance leaders are implementing digital innovations to help them change the role of finance from back-room financial reporters into forward-thinking analysts and trusted advisors. Where are you in the digital journey?

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