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CTI Optimizes Its Global Professional Services Business

Workforce optimization, project reporting, and accurate invoicing are all critical components for a professional services organization like CTI Clinical and Consulting Services, a global firm that helps pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies manage clinical trials.

Deploying Sage Intacct has given CTI new efficiency and insights for project and financial management amid growth averaging 10% to 15% a year over the last decade. That growth has increased the ranks of CTI doctors, nurses, scientists, project managers, and other professionals who work with clients around the world.

“Sage Intacct is a great fit for a professional services organization,” Brian Lawrence, CTI Senior Director of Finance and Taxation, says in a Sage Intacct customer success video. “The readily available and timely information in Sage Intacct allows you to monitor things and react quickly.”

For instance, CTI has greater visibility into its project pipeline to fine-tune hiring and scale up or down as needed. Managers utilize dashboards to track billable and non-billable hours, monitor workloads, and spot potential problem areas. Sage Intacct reporting lets CTI generate utilization, efficiency, and expense reports at a high granular level through selected dimensions.

“We're able to look at upcoming projects in Sage Intacct and see how much capacity there might be there based on billable hour percentages,” Lawrence said. “That really gives us insight into departments that may be starting to reach capacity and ultimately can tie into our FP&A process on the budget side and forecasting out our future growth.”

Faster Reporting, Better Invoicing

Lawrence’s team is also saving time with Sage Intacct replacing two Microsoft Access databases for time entry by U.S, and non-U.S. consultants. Previously, project variance reporting required cumbersome Access-to-Excel data exports, followed by complex, time consuming, and error-prone work in Excel.

“Now we have reports generated directly out of Sage Intacct that can be run by managers themselves, so that's really been a good increase in efficiency for us,” said Lawrence.

Invoicing for CTI’s time and materials projects, is significantly faster with Sage Intacct, which replaced an on-premise Sage application. Based on employee timesheet entry, reports have been created on dashboards for review by project managers before invoices are issued to clients. The efficiency opens new time to spot potential issues and ensure invoice quality, driving client satisfaction.

On a global basis, Sage Intacct accounting streamlines financial consolidation across CTI operations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and enables seamless conversion of multiple currencies, as outlined in our full CTI case study. CTI is saving 30 hours a month managing the monthly close and 16 hours a month in project reporting, while avoiding the cost of a full-time finance employee otherwise needed. Overall, Sage Intacct paid for itself in less than four months.

“In fact, since going live on Intacct, we’ve effortlessly kept pace even as the company has more than doubled its overall headcount and added a significant number of new international entities,” Lawrence said.

Throughout its journey, CTI has benefited through a strong partnership with Sage Intacct.

“One of the things that we've been most impressed with Sage Intacct throughout the process has been their focus on the customer and their response to customer needs,” Lawrence said. “If you recognize a problem, the company's willing to listen and actually fix the problem for you, that's something that we've really been impressed with.”

Tune in to the customer success video and access the full case study to learn more about how CTI is taking advantage of Sage Intacct to improve business performance.

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